Health Awareness

Project Strategy/ Design

Under the Health Services CASHPOR spreads, awareness among the clients on the basic health practices through our Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) and assists our sick clients to obtain the support of registered medical practitioners so that they remain healthy and can minimize their expenses on health-related problems.

BPL women are selected from amongst our clients to become Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) to improve the level of Health and Hygiene awareness in their community. CHFs are trained by the Healing Fields Foundation in two phases. Phase 1 comprises of 6-months of classroom training on topics like health, nutrition, personal and environmental hygiene, kitchen, water, vector borne diseases and other allied topics.

Phase 2 comprises of 6 months of internship after which they learn to deliver these modules in their own villages. Thereafter they offer these services in nearby villages with priority for CASHPOR members and other BPL households, averaging about 10 villagers per CHF.

Timelines for Classroom, Internship &Health Education
Estimated duration to complete one batch training with the launch of health savings and microenterprise:
  • Geographic mapping and Selection of trainees 1 month.
  • Classroom Training 6 months.
  • Internship 6 months (launch of Health savings & Micro enterprise during internship).
  • Total duration 13 months.
  • They Handed over to CASHPOR in which they continue to give 15 modules of Health Education to 15 Centres of CASHPOR.
Who can be CHF’s?
  • Client’s age should be from 29 to 45.
  • At least she should be passed class 8th and must know reading & writing.
  • She must be having a bank account.
  • She must be client of an MFI and at least one lone cycle she has completed.

Mini Health Clinic

Through CASHPOR Mini Health Clinic our aim is to provide health check-up/ in those operational areas which are extremely interior rural areas and difficult geographies hence these clients don’t have easy access to affordable and quality medical facilities. Specialist doctors on rotational basis cover our ill clients and their family members on regular interval which helps them to treat their aliments and provide timely intervention for Health Issue.

The main objectives of Mini – Health Clinic are –
  • To provide effective medical assistance to our poor clients.
  • To Provide quality and affordable services.
  • To reduce health expenses.
  • Thus increases working hours.
  • To decrease wage loss.
  • To treat aliment and provide timely intervention for Health Issue.

Through Mini – Health Clinic, company wants to sensitize its clients on different health issues so that they can become aware about their health and the can adopt the right & timely treatment. Mini – Health Clinic service is not limited to our clients only, services of MHC can also be utilized by clients’ family member also.

Program Structure

At CASHPOR Mini – Health Clinics there are a team of registered, experienced medical practitioners who visit their respective branches fortnightly {one doctor at one branch (selected)} for providing their valuable and affordable service to CASHPOR clients and their families.

Doctor seating schedule at Branches
  • Timing of MHC’s – Preferably 10 AM to 2 PM (may be extend according to the situation).
  • Working days – 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.
  • *If any month has 5 Saturdays in that month no. of Mini – Health Clinic sessions will be 3 and that is 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of that month
Outreach and Growth

Currently MHC program is running in twenty different regions of CASHPOR. As on 31st March through our Mini- Health Clinics 115900 beneficiaries have been diagnosed and have received treatment.

Health Camps

The concept of Health Camps to address the needs in the field in rural areas we conduct Health camps where they are sessional outbreaks of disease due to floods and other such problems.

Outreach and Growth

Currently MHC program is running in twenty different regions of CASHPOR. As on 30th Sept-18 through our Mini- Health Clinics 5895 beneficiaries have been diagnosed and have received treatment.

Water & Sanitation Program

In light of company’s mission, the CASHPOR is also providing services for Health Awareness and clean drinking water. The company has also launched a Water and Sanitation Loan Product in the 2012-13 with an objective to discourage open defecation and providing financial assistance to construct new toilets and make existing toilets usable. The Financial assistance is provided for construction of new toilets/improvement of existing toilets and providing water arrangement.

Program Objectives

Water supply and Sanitation facilities are complementary in promoting community as well as personal hygiene and are essentials to eliminating diseases cycle and improving health conditions. The short term objective of the program would be to ensure availability of WATSAN Loan for gaining access to safe water and Sanitation services. These loan should be offered as supplementary loan to the Income Generating Loan.

The long term objective of the program is to significantly improve the health indicators of the local population including elimination of the practice of open defecation.

Key objectives
  • To discourage open defecation & encourage for using toilets.
  • To promote Health Education with objective to bring about behavior change.
  • To increase awareness about water borne diseases.

Energy Program

CASHPOR has always tried to raise the standard of living of its clients and has been working keeping in mind their health and has accordingly introduced safe Loan products. In this respect, Company.

Management has recently decided to introduce a loan product named as CASHPOR Energy Loan to enable our clients to buy Solar-energy operated products, smokeless stoves, etc. The amount of energy loan shall be up to Rs. 5,000/-.

As you know that most of our clients reside in remote rural areas where either there is no facility of electricity or, if available, is not available in enough quantity at appropriate times to suffice their requirements; due to which our clients have to depend upon and resort to the traditional mud made stoves for cooking food and use kerosene lamps for enlightening their houses, etc. These activities lead to emission of smoke containing high amount of carbon-dioxide which is extremely harmful for them as well as their families. The use of Kerosene Lamps by children during evening while studying causes a lot of damages to the surrounding environment. Thus, the Company Management, with a view to enlighten the dark houses of its clients and considering the health of their families, has decided to provide the clients with CASHPOR Energy Loan.

Sanitation Promotional Program/ Clothes distribution

Under Health Department CASHPOR is running, this programme is name as a Swachhta Abhiyan, in this Abhiyan our CHF creates an awareness to our clients & the community regarding the importance of the cleanliness in their surroundings,this is done so that our clients are made aware of cleanliness and how they can prevent themselves and their family from the disease. .In this programme clients clean their village to set an example to other members so that they also learn and take the lesson from the client that cleanliness is very important for everyone then we also have a 40 min session on toilet construction behavior change and the impact on health and safety and promote of using toilet facilities. A discussion on what loans and subsidies and types of toilets can be built which are suitable in their Geography all this is explained in detail.

Self-Sustainability and Livelihood Programme for Community Health Facilitators (CHF)

As we are well aware that in most region of CASHPOR Operational areas, there are CHF’s who promote health & hygiene and other activities such as health literacy classes, preventive health care products etc. So to make them more gainfully employed and financially self-sustainable, HES department has taken a step to introduce the sale of preventive health care products such as SNP which is a new initiative and this, has been launched through AAYUSHYA Foundation, as CASHPOR Micro Credit being a not for profit MFI doesn’t have the mandate to deal in any trading/manufacturing activity other than Micro Finance Services. So all the buying and selling of all Health & Hygiene products will be processed through AAYUSHYA Foundation, which is another Not for Profit Section 25 Company.

Several channels have been created to promote these products through CHF’s & FC’s to reach and promote this in all regions. This is a way in which all our BPL clients are able to benefit from all these activities.