Green Micro Credit Initiative

Green Microfinance is the application of microfinance to promote not only financial inclusion and social empowerment, but also environmental sustainability. Environmental protection is a critical issue for people living in poverty as they are often the hardest hit by climate change, sea level rising, and severe weather caused mainly by the green houses gases, carbon dioxide being the greatest contributor. In fact, due to their low adaptive ability, the millions of microfinance clients globally are the most vulnerable to such climate variability and their "plight is linked to the ability of microfinance institutions (MFIs) to adapt to the consequences arising from climate change". It is then in this a priori alien terrain that green microfinance comes to light as an attempt to supplement microfinance products and services with tailored pro-poor climate change strategies with a view to enhancing the adaptive capacity of millions of Microfinance clients. With an initiative to lead the field of microfinance, ensuring that the principles of sustainable development are integrated into all lending policies and programs, SIDBI and CASHPOR MICROCREDIT came forward to launch a new product in the name of Green Microfinance. More Info

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