Financial Services

The Cashpor aims to enable the poor to come out of poverty by way of increasing its income and ensuring good health as well as children get education which will help them to come out of intergenerational poverty. The Cashpor is providing following financial services:


Cashpor is providing credit facilities to poor households for undertaking income generating activities to supplement their family income. It is also providing financial assistance for undertaking Non income generating activities or acquiring assets which is helping in common heath improvement and social status such as construction of toilets, procuring gas connections and other activities for women empowerment.

Savings Services

The cashpor is working as BC of few Banks and proving Saving Services to member with a view to develop saving habits among the poor. Presently there more than 3,50,000 saving account of poor holds and saving amount mobilized over Rs.70.00 crore.

Pension Services

The Cashpor had been Aggregator to PFRDA and there were more than one lac subscribers of poor households.

Insurance Services

Cashpor is ensuring that all beneficiaries of our program are ensured and therefore Cashpor has master policy for life insurance of all over eight lacs loan beneficiaries.