Program Concept

To provide educational assistance to the children of CASHPOR beneficiaries’, under one roof, the concept of Remedial Education emerged. Through Remedial Education it is ensured to provide elementary education, support classes to the enrolled children at Center, so that they could become competent according to their academic and their retention in school can be ensured.

Program Objectives

To increase the outreach of the group tuition education Program, CASHPOR Education Centers (CECs) are established with the advice and assistance of PRATHAM especially in terms of tutor training and provision of curriculum, with an aim to provide support classes at very low cost. Initially CASHPOR jointly bears the operating cost of CEC with the community. At these CECs, CASHPOR assists benefeciaries children by providing them with group tuition classes where sessions are delivered to children pre-and post-school timings. The basic idea is that if the tuition is given to the children in groups, the cost can be divided among parents, resulting in minimal fees.

Program Services

Education Department is currently running 671 CASHPOR EDUCATION CENTER-(CEC) program for the Cashpor beneficiaries’ children from class 1-10th by classifying the program services into 2 parts. They are as follows:

Junior CEC: Village Based CEC (especially for junior classes’ children)

Senior CEC: Branch Based CEC (especially for secondary classes’ children)

Outreach & Impact

CASHPOR operates in five states of India which are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Parts of Madhya Pradesh known as Bundelkhand. The program CASHPOR Education Center has been running at selected places in all five states. Details are depicted in the table:

S. No. Particulars Education Outreach
1. State 5
2. Zone 5
3. Region 23
4. Branch 376
5. No. of Education Center 671
6. No. of Children 27503
7. No. of Tutor 697


Under the program our client’s children are awarded with scholarship, so that the given amount can be used by them to fulfil the basic requirements of educational material. Scholarship distribution is going on since 2006.

Honouring Meritorious Children of Clients

The program objective is to encourage talented and diligent students so that they keep performing well in their further academics as well as become role model for others. Under the program we honour the client’s children who scored 80% or more in their 10th or 12th board examination.

Project Background Overview

The PSIG states are amongst the lowest in terms of Gender Development Index (GDI) including economic marginalization, mobility restrictions due to cultural norms, poor health conditions, and various forms of discrimination and violence against women. Therefore, PSIG endeavours to focus specifically on women’s empowerment through “Financial Literacy & Women Empowerment” Project with the association of Micro finance institutions, as CASHPOR not for profit MFI having same enthusiasm to work for women empowerment amongst rural poor.

Goals & Objectives Performance

Project objective was to create awareness & behaviour change of rural women and connect them with several government governed financial services, and also cope up them with their poor situation and mobility towards the financial decisions so that they may become empower and can keep them safe from the violence.

CASHPOR executed the project with impact full impression that comes from ground after field training in form of change towards financial behaviour and increase the mobility of beneficiaries. We have assessed the impact from field that lead to meet out the project goals & objective regarding empowerment and mobility of women towards adapting the financial schemes.