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Community Health Leadership

CMC has signed an agreement with healing fields foundation unique project recently launched by the company (selected from our women borrowers) on pilot basis in Buxar District of Bihar 21st September 2010 in association with Healing Fields Foundation (HFF). Under this project our company and HFF will select 80 women among our clients and train them for six months to become a full fledged Community Health Leaders (CHL). Each of such 80 CHL would be able to provide health intermediary services to 300 Cashpor Clients. Households with average total population of 1500. In this initiative 80 CHL would be able to reach 24000 CASHPOR clients households with a population 120000. Company expects that through this program Company will be able to bring  measurable changes among our clients in terms of Health seeking behavior, improvements in health and dietary habits, awareness of healthcare programs and services of the government, possible decrease of preventable and communicable illness like vector borne and water borne, over a  period of  2 to 4 years. If this pilot is successful, then it will be disseminated to other CASHPOR districts.

Integration of Health Education

This is a very unique project recently started by the company on pilot basis. Under this project, all center managers of eighteen selected branches in six districts (Buxar, Ballia, Chandauli, Ghazipur, Mirzapur, Varanasi) are engaged in providing fifteen minutes of health education for clients in each of their center meetings after conducting their normal business in each such center on daily basis. Currently all these center managers are delivering lessons to our members of the topic “facing illness that attack our children”. For this purpose, these center managers have been provided training by our training department in association with ‘Freedom From Hunger’ and ‘Micro Credit Summit campaign’. We getting a positive response from our clients as well as from our staffs. Our Center Managers and Supervisor are highly motivated in providing healthcare trainings to the clients.