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Cashpor Won Best MFI of the Year Award 2012

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Update report on Credit plus Activity


The objective of Credit Plus Activities is to provide services viz. Scholarship, Health Education (Freedom from Hunger) and Community Health Facilitator Training Program to CASHPOR’s clients, along with providing them with the cost effective loans.
  1. Scholarship: To provide financial support to the existing clients so that their children are in school.
  2. Health Education: To create awareness regarding overall health of our clients and their family.
  3. Community Health Facilitator Training Program: Through this program CASHPOR wishes to create awareness regarding Health among clients and non-clients both and to facilitate their access the health services so as to develop a healthy community in and around our operational area. It is intended opportunity to integrate the health education in to the community health facilitator program.


    • Scholarship: We are providing scholarship to the children to our clients since 2006. This program has started on 33 branches of Mirzapur. In Last quarter 1153 students have received the scholarship for three (first second and third) quarters. Now this year, Management has decided to select 5 students from every branch. The selection process of 5 student have been started and we will distribute the scholar ship for next two quarters (October & January) in March 2012.


    Health Education:


          We impart education on health in two ways::

    • Health Education program along with Micro credit submit campaign & freedom from hunger
    • Community Health Facilitation Program along with Healing Fields Foundation.

    Health Education program along with Micro credit submit campaign & freedom from hunger
    We Cover four Modules with Micro credit submit campaign & freedom from hunger:

      •  Child illness
      •  Women’s Health
      • Family Planning
      • Diarrhea

       Conducted first pilot training batch with 9000 Client with 25 Female staff members by covering three modules (Child illnesses, family planning & women’s Health)

      1. All of the 25 female staff members had provided training to their co-workers and they in turn have created awareness among clients on Child Health. All of these trained staff members are also trained on Diarrhea, the next module, and they have already started creating awareness among their clients. As the center has rotated so they have started facilitating at their new centers.
      2.  In Chandauli District all of the staff members have completed their facilitation of Child health manual. Some of staff members have already been transfer from Chandauli to Varanasi so they will facilitate child Health module at Varanasi District. Left of center Managers of Chandauli district are not facilitating the Health education program.
      3.  All female center Manager have been trained on Women’s Health and completed the facilitation of Health Education at their centers. Now we have start the process to merge the health education program with healing fields program. 

      We have issued a appreciation letter to all the staff members who are involve in health education for their efforts.

      Community Health Facilitator (CHF) Training Program:

      • As per the plan to train 80 – 100 clients during 1 year starting from September, 2010 in 2 batches, it is expected to be completed by the end of March, 2011. The first batches of 41 clients have completed their 1 year training & internship on following topic and received the certificate for training.

      CHF of First batch has started Health Savings with 8 groups & 4 are  in under process. Objective of health savings group is to do small saving and spent of healtnh problems when they required
      Every group are collecting Rs. 20 per month . Every group has approx 15 members and they are paying two rupees per month to CHF for documentation and record keeping.  Healing fields foundation has signed a contract with two hospitals (Vishwamitra hospital & Sidhashram Sewa Sadan) where doctor are agreed to provide concession which are as follow:

        • 50% discount on Consultancy fee,
        •  30 % on medical examinations and
        • 5 % on medicines. 

        12 CHF of first batch have started a sanitary napkin unit and another unit of 10 CHF is about to begin as part of its menstrual hygiene awareness initiative, usage and disposal of used napkins.
        Healing Fields has collaborated with the Public Health and Engineering Department in Buxar for construction of latrines in one village Kanpura in Ithari block. The community health leader is playing an active role in community mobilization and education. Healing Fields will be doing the monitoring and supervision. The CHL is also being compensated by the PHED for the work she is doing in mobilizing the community and monitoring. This project will be scaled up to other villages of our community health leaders.
        Recently, we have distributed the warm clothes to the CASHOP clients as well as BPL families of community with the help of first batch CHFs and healing fields foundation. Benefiting people with woolen cloths given by CHFs, will have to donate their labor for few hours against the benefit received in their community.   

        Further  54 new clients are selected for second batch these interns have completed their six months training also and started internship.  Healing Fields has also conducted graduation ceremony on 7th December 2011 at Buxar and distributed certificate to them for their training.

        We are in process to start the sanitation project with FINISH organization