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Cashpor House Index (CHI)


CASHPOR uses a tool, the CASHPOR Housing Index (CHI), to identify poor household in cost effective manner. It is an index based on the height of the wall and material used in the wall and roof of a house. Poor people struggle for food and clothing and they live in small houses, made of locally available materials with their own labour (means no cost is involved). The logic of CHI is based on the premise that poor people spend their money on basic necessities (food, clothes, diseases etc.) and social obligations (daughter’s marriage, death ceremony etc), while any surplus is invested in their houses. A good house not only reduces their vulnerability, but denotes higher social status and self esteem. Therefore, the quality of house is a reflection of prosperity of the household.

The number of poor households in a village is determined by use of the CASHPOR House Index (CHI).The CHI has been further adapted for use in eastern UP and Bihar. As it is an area of long established settlement, houses tend to be larger than in more recently settled areas. Double-storey houses are still excluded, but otherwise, size of the house is not a critical indicator. Rather height and materials of the walls and materials of the roof have become the key indicators. Further in view of the recent Government policies, various State Governments have been issuing patta land and Indira Awaas (oneroom pucca houses) to the poor people. Such land and houses are to be ignored, provided their occupants fulfil the asset norms of CASHPOR.

Cashpor Housing Index


Height of the Walls and Materials used




More Than 5 feet and made of brick.




More than 8 feet and made of mud.




Between 4 and 8 feet and made of mud.



Materials  of Roof




Concrete/Pucca/Patia/New Tiles/GI Sheet




Old Tiles /GI Sheet







Maximum Score



Poverty Status




Non Poor

4 or more



Moderately Poor (MP)




Very Poor (VP)

2 or less


If the house index score is =<4 and for the occupants of government allotted houses, you must conduct the asset interview.

Following households are not eligible for our program:

  • Households, where any member has any type of motor vehicle, like a motor bike, car, jeep, van, tractor, hand tractor, etc.
  • The house is built with brick walls and a reinforced concrete roofn(excluding the Government allotted houses).

The Form No.1 is not to be filled-in for such cases, unless they appeal that despite their motor vehicle or big house their status is Below the  Poverty Line (BPL).

Appeal cases

Sometimes while the CM is interviewing the potential clients, occupants of neighbouring houses that scored four or more, will ask to be interviewed, saying that they are also poor.

1. In such cases, a Form No.1 has to be filled-in for them and they are to be told that their request will be referred to the Branch Manager/Supervisor who will call upon them as soon as possible. The Form No.1 for the appeal case is to be handed to the Branch Manager.

2. The BM must visit such appeal cases and conduct a thorough verification to find out whether the family satisfies the above mentioned criteria for the MP/VP except for the score on the CHI.
3. The BM must conduct an asset interview and should do physical verification as well.

4. If the BM is satisfied that the family is poor, s/he will endorse it on the Form no.1. The CHI score would, however, remain unchanged and the woman can join a group/center despite a
higher score on the CHI.