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Cashpor Won Best MFI of the Year Award 2012

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Prof. David S. Gibbons, Chairman of the Board

Prof. Gibbons is a PhD holder in Politics and Economics from Princeton in 1968. He taught subsequently at University Sains in Penang, under whose auspices he founded Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, the first successful international replication of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. In 1996, Prof Gibbons founded the CASHPOR Trust in India, which became the promoter of CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services which is the holding company of CASHPOR Micro Credit, a Not-for-Profit MFI. He was awarded with "Recognition of Individual Contribution to the Growth of the Microfinance Sector in India in 2011 at Access Microfinance India Summit. Besides that, he has also been a member of Policy Advisory Group of CGAP, World Bank. He has authored and co-authored many papers and training manuals on building institutional capacity for microfinance for poor women. Born in Canada in 1940, he is now a Malaysian Citizen.



Mr. Bahram Navroz Vakil, Hon. Vice-Chairperson

One of the Co-founding and senior partners of AZB and Partners of Mumbai, Bahram is amongst India’s foremost infrastructure and project finance attorneys. He has been internationally acclaimed to be one of most powerful project finance lawyers. He has provided pro-bono legal assistance to Grameen Capital India and Grameen Foundation India. According to them, his depth and breadth of knowledge and relationships spanning the microfinance, regulatory and banking sectors have been huge contributing factors to the success of GCI, and in selecting board members for both GCI and GFI. Bahram is an advocate of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa and also a member of the New York Bar Council. Mr. Bahram Vakil is a member of the Finance and Audit Committees of the Board; and was first appointed as the new Vice-Chairperson of the Company in 31st October 2013. He is also a Trustee of CASHPOR Trust.

Mr. Mukul Jaiswal, Managing Director

Mr. Mukul Jaiswalis a Chartered Accountant by qualification. Mr. Jaiswal has a long association with CASHPOR group of companies – earlier in his capacity as a statutory auditor and thereafter in the capacity of the Managing Director. Mr. Jaiswal is an ex-officio member of the Board and of the Finance Committee of the Board for CASHPOR Micro Credit. He is also a Director of CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services Private Limited. Under his guidance, CASHPOR received “2015 Microfinance Institution of the Year Award” in Asia/Pacific region from Whole Planet Foundation.

Ms. Moumita Sen Sarma, Director

Ms. Sen Sarma , is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and has a rich experience of more than 12 years in the microfinance sector and more than 23 years of experience in the financial services sector. Till March 2010, she served as the Vice-President and Head of Microfinance and Sustainable Development of ABN Amro Bank (now Royal Bank of Scotland). Ms. Sen Sharma has also worked with American Express Bank and SRF Finance. She is a stakeholder member of Global Reporting Iniatives (GRI), Amsterdam. She has been a frequent speaker at conferences on both Microfinance and Sustainable Development in India and abroad (including USA, EU: World Bank/IFC, Tallberg, WEC, Ethical Corporation, Women’s World Banking, Euro Market Forum, Sa-Dhan, WRI) as well as Business Schools (IIM A, ISB, S.P Jain). Ms. Sarma now volunteers the most significant amount of her time with the projects of Coimbatore based, Isha Foundation. She is also a Trustee of CASHPOR Trust.